The Loyal Employees of Cenan's Bakery!


"Providing bread and fine baked goods formed from all natural ingredients without a trace of preservatives."

This is the standard upon which I base my philosophy of baking.

I personally oversee and participate in the preparation of every bread and baked good.

  I begin early every morning and bake throughout the day.  Everything I present for sale is started from scratch and baked on a hot stone hearth oven.

  My bakery represents a return to quality, tradition and dedication that, until now, seems to have been lost.

  Your comments are most appreciated.

                                                                        - Cenan


Our breads contain no preservatives, no bromates, and no bleached flours.



Cenan's Bakery
122 Branch Rd. S.E.
Vienna, VA  22180
Phone: 703-242-0070
Fax: 703-242-0091